Comf is an immersive sonic artist, integrating pulsating and eclectic rhythms with bright synths, buttery vocals, and plenty of noise. With live visuals in tow, Comf commands the stage weaving together a set of songs from the latest series of releases, The Texture Tapes: three tapes creating sonic representations of water, clay, and ceramic textures. Including features from Ilena (Tāmaki Makaurau), Japes, Belphegor, and Kiidotcom (all Pōneke), these three tapes challenge the possibility of synthesis between samples, textures, and heavy layered drums, and are purposeful and directed in their intent.

Water is the first of three tapes released by Comf in 2021, one part of a larger body of work: the Texture Tapes.These three tapes follow on from last year's release, “Process”, and Water is the first texture chosen in the pathway of creating a ceramic tile. With lyrical passages that wash through a body of rich, drawn out textures and manipulated samples, with lively synths and pulsing beats.

Clay; a visceral change in form, one which can be moulded and shaped by the earth's natural cycle or by deft fingers immersing themselves in the dense material. The second of three texture tapes, this tape explores a completely different channel of Comf's melodic, sonic, and lyrical efforts. The shape and texture of clay comes to the forefront in this tape, with aggressive sounds bursting and bubbling under the heat, while vocals are intense and show the cracks as the form and consistency shift.

Ceramic; the end result, the final product. Polished and refined, yet easy to crack, ceramic has endured severe heat and pressure to conclude as a solid surface. The strength of the texture is contrasted by the vulnerability of possible inflicted damage. Scratching and shattered, the last of the three texture tapes demonstrates the final direction of this project. Rigid in its movement and placement, Ceramic is created for a purpose, and is the final visible veneer on walls and in bathrooms, containing the structure and multitudes that support it.

water clay ceramic